Branch Reinstatement Options

Branch Reinstatement Options

An inevitable fact about CIPP lateral lining is that sooner or later the job requires you to open one or more junctions to the lateral you’re going in to line. The means of reinstating the junctions vary in terms of difficulty, depending on the project including access, diameter changes in the pipe, and the number of junctions.


Down the Branch Reinstatements

If the lined pipe can be reached from the backside, the solution of opening the line can be as simple as a wire brush attached to the cable machine. An even better method is to select a cutter system specially designed to carry out this type of reinstatement – the better systems come with correctly sized attachments to carry out this work quickly, professionally and economically. If you put back pressure on the cable and start the machine, in 5 to 10 minutes you’ll have a burr-free, fully opened pipe to the lined pipe. For the typical installer who runs into a junction once in a while, this is the least expensive option that will get the job done.


Air Driven Lateral Cutter

If the application won’t allow opening from the backside of the liner, you will need to find a cutter that can negotiate the lined pipe, find the lateral opening, and cut from the inside of the pipe. These devices range in price levels from $20,000 to well over $100,000, so investment has to be weighed against how much they’ll be used.

On the low-price end of the scale, a cutter can be pushed and turned manually to negotiate some turns and bends. The user has to add his camera to the cutter to observe the dimple in the liner so they can make the cut through the liner material.

On the high end of the scale, a cutter can be self-propelled, negotiate multiple turns and bends. The cutter will have its own camera system and joystick for auto control that operates additional features. All of the additional features push higher the end cost to get set up to cut laterals.

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