Are you advancing forward, standing still, moving backwards or going out of business?

Are you advancing forward, standing still, moving backwards or going out of business?

Research, development and decisive action are the means to drive business innovation. Without meaningful change, a company continues to allow technology to pass them by if they stay rooted in the complacency and comfort of routine methods that they use to conduct business. Remember your old mate JackHammers? He was at the leading edge for drain repairs years ago but could not evolve when new technology arrived with the birth of what is now widely known as the NO-DIG industry. He could not embrace the changes that this new NO-DIG industry offered and refused to keep innovating, deciding instead to stick with what he had and this hard-nosed approach soon made him redundant.

We’re seeing changes today in the pipe rehabilitation business that many of you are involved with. A big part of my job at NO-DIG DEPOT is ensuring we stay at the cutting edge of the industry and continue to look forward to processes, materials and methods that drive the no-dig market so we can adopt new practices and offer these improved services to our customers.

We continue to develop our supply chain so that we can surround ourselves with the best manufacturers within the No-Dig industry and this is what keeps us robust. We believe that if you’re not moving forward, then you’re standing still and when you’re standing still, you are more or less moving backwards – a sure way of going out of business.

Many of you will already be enjoying the products and systems that we have brought to the market – those that our competitors struggled with or cannot provide – while we continue to contribute more, superior products.

We’ve now introduced the Repipe System to offer you the option to rehabilitate waste and vent piping without ripping out the walls and ceilings, preventing the need to carry out expensive repairs to the walls and ceilings will give you greater advantages than ever before. This can provide installers with the option of rehabilitating the piping, without displacing the occupants while the process is underway.

We believe Repipe is the best product by far and away when it comes to Spray in Place Pipe (SIPP). We have researched all the available systems, had the opportunity to import them all and decided to partner with Repipe. One of the many reasons we have agreed to offer Repipe is that it is part of the Dancutter group out of Denmark, which we have a long association with.

One memorable moment of our involvement of the development of their Flexcutter – to my knowledge the first robotic reinstatement cutter in the world – to navigate a relined 100mm 90’ bend. Being the first to own one in the world, I guess makes that even more special.

But we’re not done!

We are working on formulations for resins that will fast ambient cure and have good working time predictably. We are also researching UV cure processes and once completed we will submit them for independent testing and then add to our approved WaterMarked products.

As customers and individuals, you will innovate differently and uniquely, dependant on your situation: you will look at the process we use to develop, as well as other processes and select those that make the best sense for you.

The valuable lesson here is to keep up with innovation. If you are still doing business the same as you were 15, 10, or even five years ago, now’s the time to take a look around and see how you can improve, the world has come to us all and we all should take full advantage of it or else we will get left well and truly behind and be forgotten.


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