Why Become A No-Dig Depot Customer Partner

Why Become A No-Dig Depot Customer Partner


NO-DIG DEPOT has evolved to where we are today utilising hands-on experience, cooperation from the industry’s leading manufacturers from throughout the world and responding to our customer’s requests. Using our in-house expertise, international research and manufacturing partners, NO-DIG DEPOT provides customised and innovative solutions Australasia-wide. NO-DIG DEPOT has a solution for all your CIPP requirements. NO-DIG DEPOT’S products and systems for pipe relining are researched and developed by Australian-based labs and premier manufacturers throughout the world. Our systems include the prestigious German manufacturer lineTEC and EVOLiNE, our Australian owned and majority manufactured system using the very best the world has to offer and Potable AS/NZD 4020 approved resin for drinking water. NO-DIG DEPOT’S systems and products can be custom designed for specific projects and use quality installation equipment we go further to source what you need.


While Australasia has accepted the obvious advantages and benefits of CIPP, this provides our partners with opportunities for rapid growth in revenue and profit. While there is no such thing as a certainty, the potential growth in the CIPP market is limitless and very resilient to economic slowdowns. With approved products and systems now mandatory, it is of great importance that you partner with a supplier who will be able to supply you with the products and technology that gives you the very best chance of success. We all only have one first chance to be our best; we should make the most of it.


NO-DIG DEPOT provides extensive accredited training. With a wealth of international experience and onsite installations and being backed by some of the best manufacturers in the world, we are well placed to support you with your CIPP training.


NO-DIG DEPOT’S products give you the best chance to reline any type of pipe. NO-DIG DEPOT’S applications cover the entire cured-in-place pipe lining market, including inversion, pull in place and spot repairs. You will have a significant advantage of being able to provide relining solutions to your customers from the world best manufacturers; this will give your business the greatest opportunities.


Opportunity to become part of a strong well-established industry and provide your business, access to a worldwide network of experienced manufacturing partners. NO-DIG DEPOT gives you the resources and support you need to succeed.


NO-DIG DEPOT’S products are recognised for their superior quality and backed by manufacturers warranties. NO-DIG DEPOT chooses from the best products on the market from around the world; we only provide the very best performing products. We are not restricted to one brand or one supplier; you need the very best choice when deciding on your technology to complete your projects.


NO-DIG DEPOT has built a strong reputation for excellence throughout the NO-DIG industry; we have strong working relationships and friendships with many of the leading minds that drive the NO-DIG industry. NO-DIG DEPOT has exceptional products that are second to none; we achieve this by continuing to challenge the technologies and products available. We ask; can we go higher, longer, faster and most of all, better! NO-DIG DEPOT is always at the horizon of the NO-DIG industry and the limits of its technologies. NO-DIG DEPOT does this because we want to help guide our customers through these challenging decisions, to give them their best chances of success, NO-DIG DEPOT believes in strong professional leadership. We do this because your success is our success, together we are stronger!


Market your business knowing you have put in place all the ingredients necessary to give it the best possible chance:

  • The systems used have been tried and tested here and throughout the world. Have the appropriate Australasian mandatory approvals, including WaterMark and AS/NZD 4020.
  • More than 70 million metres of products installed here and worldwide confirms the quality of your products.
  • Verifiable independent third-party testing, stating life expectancy for the products of more than 50 years.
  • Certificate to demonstrate you are a qualified installer.
  • The liners first used in CIPP, are manufactured by the same manufacturer as EVOLiNE liner.
  • While having the comfort and knowledge of being part of a support group, you are encouraged to promote your business with freedom, no special rules, no payments to be part of a group and you will not have restrictive area boundaries to carry out your business.

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