Junction Lining and the new AS/NZS 3500 rules

Junction Lining and the new AS/NZS 3500 rules

I get requests all the time to address the junction connection on the lateral line right at the connection point. Most of the time this joint was installed at the time the drain line was built. The problem is, leaking and roots often find their way down to the junction drainage right at this point. Lining over the last joint of a junction is pretty easy to accomplish, and our normal lining process will seal that joint. The problem with this is, the new AS/NZS 3500 states that you must now carry out a junction seal installation to prevent any damage to the junction allowing roots back into the line.

So, how do we address that area where the roots are getting into the line? The most popular option is to use a junction type seal at this joint. A resin-saturated device that looks like a packer point repair is inserted into the drainage, fitting around the opening of the junction with a collar opening for the junction and a section of liner that inverts from inside the packer into the lateral. The resin is cured, and a seal between all sides of the lateral junction is made.

There are variations on this approach, but the results are similar. The trick is using a system that is easy to use, while also being effective and economical. Pricing for this specialty service very much depends on the quality and technology you use; some systems simply can’t compete with the latest technology.

While there are options out there, the cost to set up a system to perform the lateral junction seal installation will vary depending on the system. You can hire others who specialise in this type of work if needed for those occasional projects that require this remediation.

The question is how far into lateral rehabilitation do you want to go. If you are only carrying out the occasional point repair, then teaming up with a colleague may work best for junction seal repairs. If full-service remediation is your goal, then you will need to carry out junction seal repairs and the ability to complete this work may need to be part of your toolbox.

Contact NO-DIG DEPOT, and we will be happy to explain your options for junction seal repairs.

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