Square pegs & round holes: ensuring you get the best from your supplier

Square pegs & round holes: ensuring you get the best from your supplier

I had a call last week from an installer who needed a more suitable product than what he had on hand. He had been sourcing from another supplier and the material used is too stiff for the job. The recently bought some equipment was an item we had in stock and he was impressed and wanted to know if I could help him with this material choice.

I had a product that was perfect for his job: the product material was ideally designed for the type of situation he had found himself in. What he didn’t know was his supplier was restricted in the products that he could supply to him, thus limiting the quality of the outcome when using that product. Using a product where it is not suited can only lead to disaster – you’re right to be concerned if your supplier is providing you with his so-called best product, instead of the correct product for the job.

Progress is made by trying new means and methods to make something better, cheaper or faster. The question that needs to be asked is where to experiment? Should you experiment on a customer’s job site and who pays if your experiment goes wrong?

All of the advancements we’ve made at No-Dig Depot were made in collaboration with our manufacturers, who are highly skilled and supply to the world’s best relining technologies.

We then assess the form and function with rigorous testing in our own workshop. We test equipment with different materials and processes and optimised those by eliminating the ones that weren’t suitable.

Australia has complex drainage design when compared to other parts of the world. A system or product can perform very well in a situation overseas but can be limited to its performance here in Australia. Much like importing a car with left-hand drive will not work well on the right side of the road, you have to make adjustments to survive.

We consistently test materials and methods in the field. It is all well and good to say something worked okay in the workshop, so it should work off-site. As you know, it’s not proven until its proven and the only sure way to be confident is to successfully complete job after job – and this is what we do, before you get to use it.

My point this week is to encourage trying new things, never accept a square peg if you have a round hole, but work to test them in controlled conditions in the workshop and out of your customer’s yard. For every success you find by trying, there are many failures as I have seen. Even when you have a success, try it again and make sure the results are the same.

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