No-Dig Depot EOFY Specials

Make your work easier

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Australia’s own to the world
Sale price $4,999.00 plus GST
Superflex Plus Liner 100m x 150mm
Epoxy Resin x 100 kg Pack
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lineTEC - A better German quality
Sale Price $31.00 P/M plus GST
Proflex Liner 3D 100mm x 150mm
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Cleaning Chains that get the job done!
100mm x 10mm $150.00 Plus GST
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Ready-to-Use Cable
Sale Price $499.00 plus GST
Attach it to your appropriate drill and you’re ready to go. 10mm or 12mm x 10m
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Sale price $11,000.00 plus GST
RotoMax grinding equipment for fast and efficient relined junction re-instating or millining, drain cleaning including soft blockages, scale & calcium build-up and tree roots, as well as concrete and lead deposits and failed gaskets & imperfections in the pipe.
DN100 - DN250 pipes.
32m of 12mm cable
Measurements: 880mm height, 540mm depth, 900mm width
Foot pedal
Adjustable speed and direction
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Steam Junction & Patch Lining
Make your work easier
Sale Price $6,000 plus GST
Steam generator speeds up the curing and ensures the high quality of the new pipe.
Hot steam cures the epoxy fast, avoiding unnecessary delays and ensuring the success of winter installations.

Package Deal

Sale Price $27,000.00 plus GST. Includes Inversion Drum, Vacuum Pump & Electric Roller

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German Made Inversion Drum
Sale Price $22,000 plus GST
• Material: stainless steel
• Weight: 55 kg
• Connections: Compressed air; water inlet Drum axis, outlet in the Floor with level indicator
• Included: manometer, control unit, large opening with sight glass
• Application: DN 50 – DN 200 (DN100 & DN150 nozzles included)
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Vacuum Pump Complete Set
Sale Price $2,500.00 plus GST
• Professional quality for drain relining
• Hose length 3150mm.
• Integrated pressure gauge
• Weight 10kg, width 190mm, height 275mm and depth 320mm
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Roller D200e
Sale Price $7,000.00 plus GST
• Emergency stop
• Foot pedal (can be switched off)
• Adjustable roller speed and direction
• Roller gap display
• Removable control box