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EvoLine, as the name suggests, is an evolution of the very best CIPP resources of both a British manufacturer since the ’70s and an American manufacturer since the ’80s. Having been used with many systems throughout the world in this time, EvoLine has proved the quality and reliability of their products.

An Australian company, EvoLine’s use has grown across the country for over a decade, where it has quickly earned a reputation of excellence. EvoLine has outstanding performance and has rightfully earned its position as the workhorse of the industry. EvoLine continues to provide exceptional results and is also compliant with ASTM F-1216.

EvoLine Liners

  • Superflex
  • Superflex Plus
  • Flexi
  • Superliner

EvoLine Epoxy

  • Evoline Base Resin
  • Evoline Fast Hardener
  • EvoLine Medium Hardener
  • Evoline Slow Hardener
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