LineTEC is German textile manufacturer Vereinigte Filzfabriken AG (VFG), which has been established for more than 150 years and offers certified relining systems for the rehabilitation of defective pipes. LineTEC has more than 20 years’ experience in liner manufacturing and has been supplying the Australian and New Zealand market since 2005. LineTEC provides outstanding quality at a reasonable price, with easy installation and excellent results, making them one of the world’s leading suppliers. The product range consists of extra flexible liners for pipes with bends up to 90° and dimensional changes. All liners are specially designed and certified by the German Institue for Building Technology.

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lineTEC Liners

  • Flex
  • Proflex
  • SXT
  • SP-Liner IW
  • SP-Liner ISXF
  • SP-Liner ISXS
  • Calibration Tube

LineTEC Epoxy

  • EP30 Hardener
  • EP40 Hardener
  • EP70 Hardener
  • EP70HT Hardener
  • EP180 Hardener
  • EP500 Hardener
  • Resin Base A

EvoLine, as the name suggests, is an evolution of the very best CIPP resources of both a British manufacturer since the ’70s and an American manufacturer since the ’80s. Having been used with many systems throughout the world in this time, EvoLine has proved the quality and reliability of their products.

An Australian company, EvoLine’s use has grown across the country for over a decade, where it has quickly earned a reputation of excellence. EvoLine has outstanding performance and has rightfully earned its position as the workhorse of the industry. EvoLine continues to provide exceptional results and is also compliant with ASTM F-1216.

EvoLine Liners

  • Superflex
  • Superflex Plus
  • Flexi
  • Superliner

ProLiner Epoxy

  • EvoLine F1 Hardener
  • EvoLine 1 Hardener
  • EvoLine 2 Hardener
  • EvoLine 3 Hardener
  • Resin Base A

Repipe is a Danish spray-in-place pipe system manufacturer; the prestigious manufacturing company Dancutter backs that. Repipe has been successfully used for more than ten years with best in class results. It’s the most flexible and fire resistant product in the industry, achieving results that other spray lining systems cannot. Repipe operates in pipes from 40mm to 300mm, can line 30 metres in one pass and generally needs only two coats to reach the required thickness.

Repipe Spray Machine

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Repipe Spray Resin

  • A Base: Repipe Polyol
  • B Hardener: Repipe Isocyanate

Potable system is a safe, effective solution for repairing potable or drinking water lines. It has been thoroughly tested and meets the requirements for compliance of AS/NZ 4020:2005 (products for use in contact with drinking water). Having WaterMark approval, it also can be used on drains, to the benefit of the relining process in rainwater supply lines, storage tanks for homeowners or wherever you might need a multi-purpose system.

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EvoLine Potable

  • Biresine EP40 Potable
  • EvoLine Proflex
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