January 28, 2021

Pipe Relining Lateral Reinstatements

Lateral Reinstatements

Along the way, methods of reinstating junctions became more readily available – ranging from sophisticated robotic cutters down to an array of millers which can be attached to dedicated powerful machines or simply attached to a correct-sized hand drill.

One thing that has developed is the options for how we deal with lateral reinstatements. Back in the day, 15-20 years ago we virtually had to dig them up or send a hole saw down and cut out the junction. I soon worked out there had to be a more efficient way to reopen junctions so I started a journey with Dancutter in Denmark back in 2005 to build a cutter that could go down relined PVC pipe and 90’ bends.

The outcome was the Flex Cutter, and we purchased the first Flex before it was released in the USA WETT show, but that Flexcutter and the latest Flexcutter are miles apart.

Millers come in all shapes and sizes and vary in price depending on quality. Some of the copper disks are inexpensive and inefficient while some of the tungsten tools variety are more expensive, but have greatly increased efficiency, the choice is up to the user. In any of these methods, you will need to sandpaper out the milled access to remove any lips left in the liner.

There is the option of sending a front drill chain cutter down to open and grind out as well, but personally, it would not be the preferred method.
As mentioned, the opening will need to be sanded down to give a smooth and even finish and sanding panels come in different grades and sizes.

These panels need to be matched with a suitable holder, a small one for tight access pipes and a larger one for more easily accessed pipe. The larger the sandpaper panel the quicker you will able to sand down the lips.

Whichever method you choose to adopt will depend on your situation, you will need to consider the cost compared to efficiency combined with convenience. If you would like any further information please Contact us for friendly advice and great pricing.

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