July 6, 2021

Who should I choose to support me with my CIPP relining products?

How do I know if my supplier is the best fit for my future? Where should I buy my products from? Who is best placed to give me value for money? These questions have more than one answer – the million-dollar questions – and they’re the ones that you need to ask yourself to establish precisely what you want for your business.

What you want will depend on your business model and experience. For example, if you have been relining for 15 to 20 years, your needs will be different from someone who has just started or preparing to start the journey.

If you are a veteran within the industry, you won’t be needing the same degree of essential support as the new guy. In essence, you’ll want a proven product at a value-for-money price combined with excellent service and relevant information to the latest industry changes.

However, if you are the new guy, you’ll want the reassurance of support across the basics and through your journey to one day, being one of the veterans.

Nearly always, you’ll get nothing for nothing – be careful of the deal that is too good to be true. It probably won’t be, but at the same time, you shouldn’t have to pay more than you need.

So, if we can accept that everything has a value, we now need to secure value for money to be competitive and secure your future. I include No-Dig Depot in this process as well as you – if No-Dig Depot doesn’t have a supply chain that gives value for money, then it will always be challenging to provide you with value for money.

If nothing else, having close to 20 years in the CIPP industry and importing and selling products for more than ten years, the owners of No-Dig Depot have acquired a vast amount of knowledge on where and why to purchase products at a very competitive price. With lower overheads plus a more extensive range of the products, No-Dig Depot has been able to grow market share with great prices and old fashioned service: we go that bit further when it counts.

Choosing the right product will be the most challenging task. There are many types of materials and equipment – some good, some not so good and some that are fantastic. You’ll need sort through all of them at least once in your journey.

It will be essential to confirm that the products from far off have its reputation based on fact – these products can range from the not so good to the fantastic and you’ll need to do your research and not depend on slick marketing. Ask questions as to why a particular product is recommended over another product.

The place of manufacture and where the profits of the supplier end up should also be a consideration. At No-Dig Depot, we engage Australian manufacturers wherever possible and all profits remain here in Australia. Not all the suppliers offering you products here in Australia do this, so if it is essential to you to have these qualities from your supplier, No-Dig Depot will be able to provide you with that assurance.

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