April 27, 2022

Pipe Relining: What are the possibilities?

As you consider your options when venturing into relining, you may ask yourself, ‘what are the possibilities?’

Choosing No-Dig Depot as your supplier will provide you with the materials, equipment, know-how and support to tackle whatever job comes your way.

Technology in the CIPP industry continues to develop, allowing installers to push the boundaries of what was thought possible. From starting with a small PIP Packer patch to getting a feel for how the resin and liner interact, to inverting 40+ metres in one shot using our range of inversion equipment… No-Dig Depot can guide you all the way.

  • Imagine being able to repair an entire stormwater downpipe in a 17 storey building in a single day – with No-Dig Depot, it’s possible!
  • Do you need to repair a deep boundary trap but can’t get the excavator close enough? Put away the shovel and let No-Dig Depot show you how.
  • Two-way riser broken under a marble bathroom floor? You can reline it. Even a four-way riser is possible!

No matter what drainage repair situation you can dream up, No-Dig Depot will have the equipment and industry knowledge to make relining possible. The ability to do it all will benefit your business by allowing you to provide a pipe repair solution to your client that is both more economical for them but also profitable for your business. It’s a win-win.

We use our wealth of installation experience and product knowledge to guide you to the right materials and equipment to meet your needs.

At No-Dig Depot, we can offer the best of both worlds, allowing you to set up with market-leading inversion equipment and the most versatile pull-in-place system available. Having the ability to supply you with both inversion and pull-in-place equipment means anything is possible for your relining business.

You don’t have to feel restricted in what you can achieve, as we can provide Watermark certified materials and all the equipment you need to succeed in the market.

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